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Soap Studio Brookside has a variety of aromatic, essential oils that work well in soaps and lotions. We offer essential oils in small, one ounce bottles, for you to blend and experiment with in your soaps.

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Anise EO

An essential oil has a rich, sweet, licorice scent.

$4.00 per ounce


Cedarwood EO

A woodsy, fresh scent with deep mellow tones.

$5.00 per ounce

Cinnamon EO

Spicy and sweet. Reminiscent of Granny's kitchen.

$6.00 per ounce

essential oil

Citronella EO

Light and lemony, with a pungent kick.

$4.50 per ounce

Clove EO

Wonderfully spicey, refreshing scent.

$5.00 per ounce

Eucalyptus EO

A clarifying scent, strong, pungent, with a hint of menthol.

$5.00 per ounce

Lavender EO

Soothing and relaxing, floral. Lavender, need we say more?

$6.50 per ounce

Lemongrass EO

A staple of Asian cooking, the EO has a light lemony fragrance.

$6.00 per ounce

Patchouli EO

A deep fragrance that is popular in the Orient.

$9.00 per ounce

Peppermint EO

Fresh and minty!

$5.00 per ounce

Rosemary EO

An herbal fragrance that has a lighter minty side to it. Very fresh in cold-processed soap.

$6.50 per ounce

Spearmint EO

A familiar, comforting mint.

$6.00 per ounce

Sweet Orange EO

A light, clean orange scent. A delicious fragrance.

$5.00 per ounce

Tea Tree EO

Clean and astringent, very distinctive and blends wonderfully with mints.

$6.50 per ounce

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